Lot 783 −
An impressive yellow gold silver gilt rock crystal lapis lazuli nephrite and diamond set two column portico mystery clock

125,000 — 200,000 USD
ref 7949 no 229 453 circa 1984
• jeweled manual winding lever movement housed within upper architrave • dodecagonal rock crystal mystery dial, yellow gold and diamond set hands, framed within a silver gilt and nephrite chapter ring, outer lapis lazuli chapter ring with applied yellow gold and diamond set radial Roman numerals, and outermost rock crystal ring, suspended from the top with decorative silver gilt, nephrite and rock crystal post and lintel • clock suspended between two rock crystal columns enhanced by lapis lazuli, silver gilt, yellow gold, diamond, and nephrite set accents, each surmounted by silver gilt, lapis lazuli and nephrite, the upper plinth centered by a hinged nephrite and silver gilt lid to reveal the key winding and setting mechanisms, all surmounted upon a quadrangular rock crystal and lapis lazuli base with stepped silver gilt trim • case and movement signed and numbered • with a winding key
measuring approximately 28.5 x 8.4 x 37.6 cm
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