Lot 805 −
A Petite Vari color gold enamel and pearl singing bird snuff box the movement by frères Rochat the box with makers' mark Chenevard Jouvet & Cie Geneva

100,000 — 150,000 USD
the rectangular case engine turned on sablé ground bordered by running vari-color gold foliage, the top panel finely chased with vari-color gold scrolling foliage, centered by an oval lid decorated with a polychrome enamel burst of summer flowers on translucent pink enamel over engine turning with loss at the hinge, edged by split pearls, the brightly feathered bird rising from a bird-shaped reserve; the bird realistically swivels its body, flaps its wings, opens and closes its beak, moves its head and tail, the base with central engine-turned reserve centered by a blank rectangular cartouche and bordered by vari-color gold scrolling foliage • the bird mechanism with fusee and chain, rectangular bellows, the song produced by a piston whistle, eight stacked cams, male key wound • the back with a hinged compartment • the box stamped with case maker's mark CI (Chenevard Jouvet & Cie) in an oval, Geneva gold mark (G) used after 1815, the movement stamped FR in an oval for Frères Rochat and number 382
Length of box 78 mm
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