The Beatles

Lot 12 −
The Cavern Club Stage Piece

974 — 1,948 USD
A piece of black painted wood with white paint specks that was part of the original 1960s stage in the Cavern Club, Liverpool. Attached is a card that reads �From The Cavern-Liverpool �The Birthplace of The Beatles� comes this genuine piece of The Cavern Club stage on which The Beatles performed 292 times during the period 1961 to 1963.� In September 1964, the Cavern Club hosted a series of concerts called �Beat Time For Oxfam� to raise money for Liverpool�s Freedom From Hunger campaign. As part of the fundraising, sections of the old stage, which had just been refurbished by owner Ray McFall, were sold off as souvenirs. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity signed by Nigel Greenberg, director of Cavern Sound Limited and whose father-in-law bought the Cavern after McFall went into liquidation.

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