The Beatles

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The Cavern Club Contracts

649 — 779 USD
A group of three Cavern Club contracts. The first is between Bob Wooler Productions Ltd. and The Robert Stigwood Organisation Ltd., dated May 6, 1966, and signed by Allan Williams, The Beatles' first manager, for a Graham Bond Organisation performance that took place on a boat in Liverpool on May 29, 1966. The second is between Bob Wooler of Cavern Club and The Downliners Sect dated March 28, 1965, for a performance on April 28, 1965, signed by Wooler. The third is between A.R. McFall Esq and Alex Welsh Esq, dated December 21, 1959, for an Alex Welsh and his Band performance at the Cavern on June 12, 1960, signed by McFall.

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