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1929 $20 MS63 PCGS

29,000 USD
Recent research by Roger Burdette in the reference work Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, suggests that about 350 1929 double eagles survive. Most of the nearly 1.8 million-coin mintage never left Mint custody and was melted down in the 1930s. Burdette records the transfer of 1,000 coins to the Treasury, which were one source of coins paid out to individually collectors and other requestors. Some coins were also released through the Philadelphia Mint Cashier.

As with the other late-series Saints, the 1929 was not recognized as a rarity until the Gold Recall of 1933, when collectors realized how few coins had escaped the Mint. Most survivors are in Mint State, as the issue never circulated to a meaningful extent, and the typical grades of coins offered at auction are MS63 and MS64. Although finer pieces exist for the patient and well-heeled collector, attractive mid-level pieces are ideal for most collecting purposes. The present coin, housed in a green label MS63 holder, is much more eye-appealing than the grade suggests. Frosty, luminous butter-gold surfaces yield bold design elements and remarkably few abrasions, particularly on the obverse, where the fields are virtually flawless and little contact is visible on the high points of Liberty's figure.(Registry values: N4719) (NGC ID# 26GL, PCGS# 9190)

Weight: 33.44 grams

Metal: 90% Gold, 10% Copper
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