Lot 16012 −
Hermès 20cm Shiny Geranium Alligator Mini Kelly II Bag with Gold Hardware

22,000 — 28,000 USD
X, 2016
Condition: 1
7.5" Width x 5" Height x 2" Depth
This bag is done in Shiny Geranium Alligator with Gold Hardware, featuring one top handle, one removable shoulder strap, and a flap top with a turnlock closure. The interior is done in Geranium Agneau Leather, featuring one slip pocket.

The protective plastic is intact on all of the hardware, except for the touret. There is a small, faint scratch to the rear exterior, and some faint pressmarks to the interior. This bag includes an Hermès box, dustbag, strap dustbag, protective felt and CITES.

NOTE: CITES compliance applies to this lot. International bidders may not have the lot shipped to them. Transport of such lots require special licenses for export, import or both. Bidders are responsible for any licenses and /or permits. California State law prohibits the importation of any product containing Python skin into the State of California, thus no lot containing Python skin will be shipped to or invoiced to a person or company in California. Fossil Ivory is currently banned or restricted in the following U.S. States: New York, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Oregon, Illinois and New Hampshire.
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