Guide to the Art Business: Auctioneers
Today we will go into detail about the profession of the most important individual at an auction: the auctioneer. Find out what it takes to become a great one.
26 June 2018
Brilliant Records
In 2017, auction houses changed tactics of high jewellery art, which resulted in several world records and the historic sale of the most expensive piece.
2 February 2018
Leonardo at Christie's: a historic record of $ 450.3 million
"Salvator Mundi" - a canvas previously considered lost - became the most expensive lot in auction history, almost doubling the previous record. We publish the first-hand report from Christie's.
16 November 2017
One Daisy, Two Chamomiles
Takashi Murakami has an artistic personality that is truly multifaceted. The artist, sculptor, curator, director and animator has been pronounced a Japanese Andy Warhol.
26 September 2017
Live Art
It remains just over two months before the end of the main event in the world of contemporary art: the Venice Biennale. Daria Bugaevskaya, a specialist of our agency, shares her impressions of what she saw.
7 September 2017
A Few Numbers
Traditionally, August is a calm month in the auction and art market. In anticipation to new events, as September is already quite close, below we have published last season’s results.
21 August 2017
Another Auction Season has Come to an End
It was an interesting and notable season. Later, we will publish analytics, but for now we have prepared a brief digest of notable records of the last year.
3 August 2017
Mark Quinn: a Mirror, a Miracle and a Sphinx
Mark Quinn, one of the most prominent British figures of contemporary art, became famous for his conceptual and often provocative works.
10 July 2017
The $ 20,000 Ball: Confederations Cup
The Confederations Cup started. We told Internet portal Forbes about the subtleties of collecting sports memorials: what affects the price and where and how to buy.
17 June 2017
Famous people’s items are auctioned regularly. Baltzer’s experts shared stories about the most high-profile auction records related to celebrities with
14 June 2017
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