Designers, Architects and Decorators

Designers, Architects and  Decorators
Recently, we wrote about the services we provide in the architecture and design fields. Below, you will find a summary of the services we offer in this regard.

Auctions are a great way to buy interior and exterior decor items for a project. Lot prices are often quite lower than pieces at galleries, and the choices are immensely wider. At auctions we find truly unique, charismatic items corresponding to any specific style. Nevertheless, auctions can be intimidating and the processes discouraging. Usually, you need:

  1. To correctly assess the state of an item,

  2. To calculate the final cost of acquisition (taxes, customs, shipping and a number of other parameters),

  3. To pass the registration procedure at the auction,

  4. To participate in the auction and

  5. To competently organize logistics, which involve many processes.

This is usually enough to confuse and bother many architecture and design experts. Already involved in multitasking work, they cannot always allocate time to take care of these processes. Already in charge of multitasking work on the project, they can not always allocate time to properly study a lot, let alone the other, much more tedious steps. However, here at BALTZER we can offer full support for the entire process, from the legal processes and logistics to the restoration and installation of any piece. Experts at our agency have long been helping architects, designers and decorators pick out items and acquire all necessary information. Many of our experts have experience in architectural bureaus and design studios, so they are well aware of professionals’ needs and can perfectly orient themselves in this type of auctions.

Professional services for designers and decorators is quickly becoming an important direction of our work here at the agency. We can readily provide comprehensive support and provide conditions for a mutually beneficial cooperation.

23 March 2017
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