One Fiery Passion

One Fiery Passion
Last week at the BALTZER Club, we hosted a marvelous evening dedicated to exhibiting the works of Peter Petrovich Konchalovsky from Dimitri Malikov’s collection.

One of the many pleasures of this world is to communicate with like-minded people with whom we share common interests. This was the premise on which we created Club BALTZER- a closed community that unites collectors, art connoisseurs, gallery owners, experts and people keen on beauty. During these past years of constant communication and cooperation with collectors, we have learned about their interests and needs, and this knowledge became the foundation of our Club. As a result, the club program has turned out to be quite comprehensive, but our “Collector’s Way” is our favorite. In these events, a collector can demonstrate his collection to his circle of friends, a need which sooner or later arises in all collectors.

On this occasion, Dimitri Malikov presented his. He is a familiar face in an audience as a composer, musician and singer, but club members have gotten to know him as a collector. Guests learned that Malikov had long been fascinated by the work of Peter Petrovich Konchalovsky, and his collection is quite extensive. Dimitri told the guests about his path as a collector, including what exactly fascinated him about Konchalovsky, as well as about the artist’s life and different periods in his work. "Few artists can coexist with the bright and energetically charged paintings of Peter Petrovich," Dmitry said during his speech as guests admired the canvases. During the interludes of the presentation, Dimitri performed several of his songs. In short, it was a lively and friendly evening. Once again, I am convinced: a collection is a living organism. It is in motion and it constantly changes, sometimes insignificantly, sometimes tangibly, but realizes its potential only when it is seen by an audience.

24 April 2017
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