Our events: a bridge between European galleries, architects and decorators

Our events: a bridge between European galleries, architects and decorators
On April 27 and in the cozy home of the auction agency BALTZER in Arbat, we held a regular closed meeting with architects and decorators in Moscow.

These meetings are already becoming a sort of tradition: it was nice to see not only the new public interested our unique services, but also returning faces. This time, the basis of our consisted of three space bridges with the most famous galleries in Europe: they are preparing to enter some pieces into the auction at the end of the year. We are quite certain that the architects and decorators who came to us this evening were the first to personally see these unique objects. As a treat for our guests, the owners of these collections presented them to us, broadcasted live on our big screen. In one evening, guests visited collections in Austria, England and Switzerland without leaving the center of Moscow.

The program began with Wolfgang Bauer, owner of the most complete and well-known collection of furniture and interior decoration in Vienna (the collection is on display in his gallery in the center of the Austrian capital). All the pieces were in excellent condition and date back to the end of the XIX - the beginning of the XX century. Wolfgang Bauer’s collection is unique: hardly anywhere will you meet such an extensive collection of Jugendstil pieces in one place. Adolf Loos, Fritz Nagel, Josef Hoffmann- these are just a few names from the list of famous architects and designers whose objects were shown to our guests.

Next, introduced by a London gallery owner, was a collection consisting of French objects from the era of Louis XV (mature, luxurious baroque). Here, our guests’ attention is primarily drawn to the materials: expensive marbles and rich gilding. Their dominating heaviness and the abundance of small details that makes the furniture of Louis XV even all the more splendid. These pieces fell in line with the tastes of professionals specializing in classical interiors. The whole of the space bridge with London felt like a tour of French Versailles.

The small Swissauction house set quite a tone to the evening by presenting our Moscow guests with beautiful melodies played on an automatic piano dating to the beginning of last century. The keys press themselves, surrounding people with familiar tunes. Swissauction also showed us a mechanical gramophone, automatic organ and a music table in which bottles are placed. The owner of the collection’s fascination with music did not come incidentally- both of his parents were musicians. There is no collection more curious than this one. The gallery also presented us with quieter interior items, such as a Schwarz Wald style wall clock and a stained glass Tiffany. This combination of music and design not only raised the spirit of our guests, but also allowed them to see pieces that would easily complement the interior of any place.

After the online conferences, we announced several upcoming auctions at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Phillips, Dorotheum and others. May could easily be called the month of Scandinavian design- auctions with items of this sort will be held in the United States, Belgium and France. Each decorator will be able to find pieces of furniture in your taste- the upcoming auctions cover all styles and directions, from Renaissance to modern design.

BALZTER would like to thank the guests who managed to reach our halls despite the bad weather and road traffic that dominated the day. We are glad to see interested professionals, as we would like to continue to select furniture and interior design items for decorators and architects and develop this relationship further.

5 May 2017
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