Mark Quinn: a Mirror, a Miracle and a Sphinx

Mark Quinn: a Mirror, a Miracle and a Sphinx
Mark Quinn, one of the most prominent British figures of contemporary art, became famous for his conceptual and often provocative works.

With his first steps in the sensational group Young British Artists, Quinn quickly became a star. His career developed rapidly: In 1991, his piece “Self” was bought by patron Charles Saatchi for 13,000 pounds. In 1992, Quinn represented the UK at the Venice Biennale, the largest international exhibition of contemporary art. Since 1995, Mark Quinn’s personal exhibitions have been held all over the world, including British gallery Tate Britain, Milan’s Fondazione Prada Museum, Irish and Roman Museums of Contemporary Art and Moscow’s Multimedia Art Museum. His works are exhibited in the largest galleries and museums in the world.

His works are extremely diverse. They combine the desire to explore life in a variety of forms, interest in the human body, its power and its limits. This explains his preferred direction- sculpture.

Supermodel Kate Moss occupies a special place in Quinn’s heart- it was her sculptural images that brought him world prominence and became key in Quinn’s career. He began sculpting her figure in 2006 and has since created several variants of this sculpture. In April 2006, he presented the sculpture “Sphinx” for the first time. According to him, Sphinx is, “the reflection of ourselves, captured Venus of our days, a mirror, a miracle, a sphinx.” In August 2008, Quinn introduced another sculpture of Kate Moss called “Siren,” which was exhibited at the British Museum in London. The Sculpture was called, “the largest gold statue since ancient Egypt” and caused quite a stir. “The yoga posture, referring us to the Indian sculptural image of Shiva, in modern realities becomes an attempt through the body to affect the spirit. The sculpture also hints at the fact that Kate’s image was created by our society and its collective lust, distorted by some external impulses,” stated Mark Quinn.

10 July 2017
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