Another Auction Season has Come to an End

Another Auction Season has Come to an End
It was an interesting and notable season. Later, we will publish analytics, but for now we have prepared a brief digest of notable records of the last year.

Some of the record holders- Gustav Klimt’s Blooming Garden, 3rd on the list of most expensive pieces of art ever sold in Europe; the Apollo and Artemis Diamonds, the most expensive in the history of auctions and a crocodile Birkin bag, which set the European record for collectible bags.

5 of the Most Expensive Works of Art Sold at Open Tenders since the Beginning of the Year

  1. Jean-Michel Basquiat, "Untitled" (1982) - $ 110,487,500, Sotheby's New York, May 18, 2017

  1. Gustav Klimt, "Summerhouse in the Garden" (Bauerngarten, 1907) - $ 59,004,638, Sotheby's London, March 1, 2017

  1. Constantine Brancusi, "The Sleeping Muse" (La muse endormie, 1913) - $ 57,367,500, Christie's New York, May 15, 2017

  1. Sai Twombi, Leda and the Swan (1962) - $ 52,887,500, Christie's New York, May 17, 2017

  1. Francis Bacon, three sketches of the portrait of George Dyer (1963) - $ 51,767,500, Christie's New York, May 17, 2017.



  1. The most expensive earrings in the history of auctions - The Apollo and Artemis Diamonds, $ 57 425 478 (Sotheby's Geneva, May 16).

The earrings were sold in two separate lots, but left in one anonymous hand. It was a very successful auction in which Sotheby’s earned $151,546,458 and sold 90% of the lots.

  1. This year, Christie's set a world record in the luxury segment with a Patek Philippe Watch. It belonged to Emperor Haile Selassie (1892-1975) and sold for $2,905,677.

  1. The European record for collectible bags also belongs to Christie’s. A dark blue crocodile Birkin bag with white gold and diamonds was bought for £ 155,000 ($ 197,625).

Successful trading

The most successful auctions in the first half of 2017 were Post-War and Contemporary Art- The sales of the three largest auction houses (Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips) combined made a net profit of 1.4 billion.

In second place are the Impressionist and Modern art auctions, which took place in late June. Christie’s and Sotheby’s are market leaders in this segment with sales volumes of $194.5 million and $162.2 million, respectively. Bonhams brought $2.2 million. Totaled, Impressionist and Modernist auctions brought in $400 million, and the sales of fine art exceeded the $2 billion mark.

The auction world is multi-layered and complex, but let's face it: we like to be part of it. Most of all, we appreciate your trust in us to help you achieve your goals.

See you in the fall!

Sincerely yours,

BALTZER Auction Agency and Services team

3 August 2017
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