One Daisy, Two Chamomiles

One Daisy, Two Chamomiles
Takashi Murakami has an artistic personality that is truly multifaceted. The artist, sculptor, curator, director and animator has been pronounced a Japanese Andy Warhol.

Murakami’s creativity is today at the peak of popularity- his work is a visual representation of how the space of modern culture evolves into pop art. Murakami’s works are brilliantly simple, spectacular and colorful.

The artist received a brilliant art education. He graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music where he studied the works of old masters and became familiar with the mystery of the creation of Japanese engraving. His education, as well as his enthusiasm for the animated cartoon, genres of anime and manga, played a role in his development. In 2000, Murakami launched a large-scale project, "Superflat," bringing together young artists. The idea of ​​the project is to look at modern Japanese art through the same lense as Japanese classics. Murakami built his concept on the premise that, in traditional Japanese drawing, there are no three-dimensional images- it is dominated by exclusively flat forms. Ultra modern Japanese art in the 2D dimension has become a phenomenon in the world market and caused a wide response. A successful project marked the beginning of a new artistic direction, which achieved rapid proliferation: the project traveled with exhibitions in Paris and New York. Murakami’s style spread from paintings and sculptures to clothing, accessories and even skateboards. He even created and exclusive design of bags for Louis Vuitton.

What makes Takashi Murakami great is a professional art of design. His most popular images are laughing daisies: contoured, pithy, bright. Variations on this joyful theme include flower ornaments and inflatable rubber balls. However, Takashi’s creative experiments have no boundaries and are by no means limited to design. In 2013, for example, he authored a film, “The Eyes of the Jellyfish,” about a touching story about children from a small town who were in danger.

Takashi Murakami, talently organized, often acts as a curator. The company he created, Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd., not only produces Murakami’s own works, but also promotes young, talented Japanese artists. This led to another bold project in 2010 at Versailles, where he hosted an exhibition of contemporary artists. The genres of classical baroque art and Japanese pop art in one space brought exhibitions scandalous fame and made unforgettable impressions on their respective audiences. However, the wave of scandal of these exhibits is incomparable to that caused by his sculpture, “My Lone Cowboy,” which was successfully sold at Sotheby’s 2008 auction for $15.2 million.

Takashi Murakami became one of the few Japanese artists whose works are represented in the largest galleries throughout America and Europe. His talent, which is in the forefront of contemporary art, is full of ideas and discoveries. The popularity of Takashi Murakami grows from project to project: his works are exhibited, sold well at world auctions, and his fans multiply year after year.

26 September 2017
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