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Buying a work of art or item for your collection is a complex process with a number of stages. We can help you successfully negotiate each one. Give us a task and we will make every effort to complete it for you: we will find what you need, buy it, ensure that documentation is complete, restore it if necessary, and have it delivered to any point in the world.

Our Services

Buying a work of art or collection item is a complex process with many stages. We are here to help you successfully negotiate each one. Given a task, we make every effort to complete it: we find what you need, buy it, ensure documentation is complete, restore it (if necessary) and have it delivered to any point in the world.

Thematic Search

We work within 44 areas, ranging from art and jewellery to antique furniture and vintage motor vehicles. Our specialists are trained to find anything you want and will give you the maximum amount of information regarding it.

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Tell us your preferences, and we will begin to track relevant auctions, exhibitions and sales. We have access even to the most private auction houses- access which our clients would find hard to achieve on their own. We have managed to build contacts within these auction houses, register in accordance to their local legislation and secure access to auctions at which even the most exclusive items are sold.

If you are looking for something specific, we can help you find it. Consequently, we contact the auction house, gallery or private seller to receive all possible information about the item. The extensive reports on lots which we prepare for our clients are extremely useful and may protect you from making a mistake. These reports include detailed information about the condition of the item, additional photographs and videos, which have not been computer-enhanced, expert opinions, descriptions of provenance and other details. While ultimately you decide whether or not to make a purchase, we make every effort to ensure that your decision is well-informed.

Estimation of Acquisition Costs

We draw up a preliminary financial forecasts of any transaction: we work out the estimated costs of an item, including commission and taxes, and list the cost of transportation and restoration.

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The auction estimate is an estimated value, calculated based on the amount at which the auction house experts have valued the object. This is what is shown in the catalogue. The final cost, however, is made up of a number of elements: the highest placed bid by a buyer, the auction house’s commission, taxes and other elements. Some of these details may be shown in a catalogue in a diagram, which many do not notice or do not know how to interpret. When acting independently a purchaser often misses these nuances, and as a result, the total amount spent can be an unpleasant surprise.

Using information received from the auction house, and taking into account the cost of the additional services (such as, for example, customs formalities or deliver), we can prepare a financial forecast for a transaction as accurately as possible. We guarantee complete transparency of financial information not after the purchase, but before.

Participation at an Auction

We organize your entire auction process, including registering you for a sale, attending an auction on your behalf and handling all of the subsequent stages of the transaction. Our aim is to save you from the red tape of auctions while protecting you from a false step.

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An independent buyer at a sale must register for each new auction separately, going through the tedious verification process again and again. He or she must confirm not only their ability to pay, but also that there funds have not been acquired through unlawful means. Many auction houses have their own requirements regarding documentation, and oftentimes different departments of a single auction house in different cities may require different documents to be submitted. It can take several weeks for this process to be completed. Our clients, however, are freed from this pile of paperwork- our long-standing relationship with many auction houses means that we can simplify the registration process and make it the same for all auctions. By allowing us to handle all of your paperwork, you can even take part in any auction at the last minute.

How, exactly, would you like to take part in an auction? The most enjoyable option is for us to bring you privately to the main hall of our Club, where you can settle yourself comfortably in front of a video screen and watch a live broadcast of the sales in the auction room. You can take part in the auction yourself, if you wish, by telephone. A personal manager from our agency will assist you. If a visit to our premises is not in your plans, the manager will simply ring you during the auction and tell you how things are progressing over the phone, and pass on your bid to the auction room. Finally, you can place an absentee bid. In this case, we will not bother you while the auction is taking place. Instead, a manager will bid for lots at your instruction, having established a maximum beforehand. This is convenient if the sale you wish to participate in takes place on the opposite side of the world. Working on your behalf, we act professionally and exclusively in your interests. If necessary, we can even give you complete anonymity. We remain level-headed and know the auction process inside out.

In some cases, we can help with post-auction purchases. Sometimes, lots that did not sell at auction can be bought afterwards at an even more attractive price.


Our managers ensure that your invoice from the auction house or gallery is presented to you as soon as possible, meaning you receive your purchase sooner. If possible, we also arrange for the return of VAT.

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In our experience, anyone involved in an auction gets true pleasure from only three things: choosing an item, experiencing the excitement of the auction itself and receiving their purchase. Everything else is routine, which can wipe out all of the joy involved. We allow you to concentrate only on those stages which bring you pleasure. We take on all of the tedious, routine work ourselves.


We arrange the import and export of items abroad, transportation within your country of origin, complete legal support for logistics, optimisation of relocation expenses, insurance for the cargo, consolidation of purchases and secure storage.

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Each work of art is unique and requires specialised packaging, transportation and storage. Delivery methods, types of packaging and routes, in the majority of cases, must be individually selected depending upon the size, weight, materials, condition, and required delivery deadline of. In planning the delivery, we also take care of a number of legal niceties: we monitor ownership transfers, customs formalities, export licence formalities, taxation and insurance. We work only with the best transportation companies and can arrange virtually any logistics plan necessary. Lots can be delivered anywhere in the world: from your doorstep to your yacht or from your hotel room to a restaurant table. If you have bought something as a gift, we can deliver it to the recipient in gift packaging.

Assistance with Documentation

Confirmation of authenticity and good provenance can significantly increase the value of an object. We find the right expert to prepare all documentation, both in Russia and abroad.

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Before putting an item up for sale, auction houses or galleries often require expert opinions; and private buyers are also usually interested in confirmation of authenticity. In any event, whether or not such documents exist significantly affect the value of an item.

A comprehensive evaluation includes both technological and historical elements. The former takes place in laboratories and approximates the age of an object along with the conditions in which it was created. This makes it possible to verify the original information on an object. Art historians are able to tell you whether a particular work of art is characteristic of a specific painter or artist. However, there are nuances- each expert in this market has a specialisation, and the opinion of one expert in certain circumstances may be more weighty than a similar document from his no less authoritative colleague. Our specialists know exactly who to turn to in each case.


If your object needs restoration, we can provide tried and tested professionals for you. Trust us to choose the right restorer- we know who will best be able to carry out the task at hand.

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Before taking part in a sale we often already know what repairs may be necessary, and to what extent because we have studied documents and reports on the condition of a lot extensively. This is a very delicate process: it is important not to damage the object, nor to destroy the fragile imprint of time which gives an antique object much of its charm. Excessive zeal can turn an exquisite work of art into a featureless bauble, deprived of all age and character. It is for this reason that we only work with the best restorers, with a track record proven over years. Such people can be counted in one hand, and you rest assured that our craftsmen will carry out all necessary work with the greatest of care. Your object will be lovingly restored to a condition that highlights its worth.

Over the years, we have brought about hundreds of complex restoration projects, including of antique clocks, watches, lamps, furniture, porcelain, pieces of jewellery and works of art.

Installation and Hanging

Our staff will professionally and quickly work on any objects that may require preparation before usage, such as chandeliers, fireplaces, musical instruments and so on. We are happy to take care of the hanging and lighting of paintings, and installation of other art works.

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Some items for interior use, such as fireplaces, chandeliers and musical instruments, require particular installation procedures. No auction house offers this service; so we solve these problems for you. Our specialists are also happy to handle the hanging and lighting of paintings and other decorative and applied arts objects. Our long experience with design and interior décor projects means that we will find the best, safest and most effective solutions for all aspects of installation or lighting of your objets d’art.

Help with Sales

Do you want to sell a work of art or collectible? We offer a prompt and professional consultation regarding where and on what terms it is best for you to do this.

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We describe the niceties of private sale versus sale at auction, warn of potential risks and costs and, if necessary, notify our clients and allied galleries about the opportunity to acquire objects from your collection.

We will undertake the complete pre-sale preparation of your item: re-establishing its provenance (if possible), preparing documentation, taking good quality photographs and arranging delivery of an object wherever required, including international sales. With sales through auction houses, we choose the one that offers the best terms. We are also happy to arrange a tender or a private sale.

Curating a Collection

If you want to become a collector, we can tell you where to start. If you already have a few items which could form the basis of a collection, we can help you create a full-fledged collection inspired by them. We can also give greater weight to your existing collection and ensure that it is promoted in the market.

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Let us become your guide in the noble world of collecting. Do you already have a collection of works which need to be catalogued? We will take this responsibility upon ourselves: we compile a list, take photographs, and digitise old photos and documents. This will bring order to the information on your collection and later, if necessary, make it possible to efficiently arrange an exhibition or ensure promotion of the collection for subsequent sale. We can help to verify the authenticity of objects and re-establish their provenance in order to strengthen their reputation and raise their market value. We also offer evaluations of artworks and antiques.

Perhaps you are just thinking about starting a collection. We can help you take the first steps in this exciting hobby, carefully guiding you for as long as you feel it necessary.

Assistance in Finding Gifts

We will listen to your wishes and devise a concept for the gift until it agrees with you. We will propose a number of options within your stated budget, acquire what you choose, deal with the paperwork and then deliver the gift to anywhere in the world.

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We are convinced that the value of a gift is not expressed so much in its financial worth as in its style and aptness for the recipient. Relying on our experience, our clients entrust us with selecting collectibles or antique gifts for their family and friends, as well as for business partners and colleagues. The 44 thematic areas in which our agency works in mean that we have an exceptionally wide range of things to offer.

Some clients give us a diary of sorts: a list of those whom they wish to make happy and a list of important dates. They no longer need to keep those dates in mind: we will work to ensure that appropriate presents are chosen in time and discuss them with the gift-giver. At the same time, acquiring a number of items all at once can significantly reduce delivery costs.

We have devised an original gift idea for the “man who has everything:” a gift certificate to take part in an auction of the holder’s choice. We will deliver the certificate, elegantly packaged, to any address, or deliver it to you so that you may give it in person. The recipient can expect a thrilling adventure: choosing an auction, attending it in the elegant surroundings in a private room at our Club on Arbat, watching an online broadcast of the auction on a video wall, and receiving the full assistance of one of our agency’s personal managers. If the lot of his or her interest is sold to another bidder, the certificate remains valid: next time, we will surely be victorious! As a reminder of this thrilling adventure, the certificate holder will have a unique object: an antique or collectible ideally suited to his or her taste.

Investment in Art

Our agency’s analysts will consult with you on the most promising areas for collecting from the point of view of investment, help you understand the art indices and prepare summaries regarding particular artists, periods or styles.

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Our knowledge and experience mean that we are well versed in the financial aspects of trading artwork and collectibles. Access to private the databases of auction sales results both in Russia and abroad and the opportunity of the data’s in-depth comprehensive analysis means we can offer full professional art consultancy services. Our team of specialists regularly prepare material in order to provide a cross section of the current market situation in various segments of the art and collectibles market. If you are interested in a particular artist, style or object, we can provide an assessment of its attractiveness as an investment by analyzing art indices, sales statistics, graphs of the growth and fall of prices and other data. If you haven’t yet decided which area to focus on, our experts will voice their recommendations based on your preferences and aims.

We are trusted by the professionals - we prepare analytical information not only for private clients, but for banks and investment companies. We can help in the successful resolution of your investment aims.

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