Claes Oldenburg

Лот 102 −
Profile Airflow (Axsom/Platsker 59)

Оценочная стоимость
30 000 — 50 000 USD
Cast-polyurethane relief over lithograph printed in colors, 1969, signed in pencil, dated, titled and inscribed 'a.p. V', an artist's proof aside from the numbered edition of 75, on Special Arjomari paper, published by Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, framed
DIMENSIONS: overall: 850 by 1663 by 102 mm 33 1/2 by 65 1/2 by 4 in
CATALOG NOTE: For his Profile Airflow, 1969, Oldenburg envisioned a sculpture in an edition that would be “clear in color, transparent like a swimming pool but of a consistency like flesh” (David Platzker, Claes Oldenburg Multiples in Retrospect 1964-1990, page 84)

Profile Airflow, epitomizes the notions of collaboration and experimentation. Created by the artist and master printer, Ken Tyler, in Tyler's garage, the work is considered Oldenburg's most ambitious multiple, and arguably, his best known one.
CONDITION: The work is generally in good condition, apart from surface dirt and discoloration throughout. The topmost surface of the relief is a bit rough and tacky to the touch. Scattered fox marks are visible underneath the cast-polyurethane.
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