A Thangka depicting the eighth Dalai Lama Tibet

Лот 970 −
A Thangka depicting the eighth Dalai Lama Tibet

Оценочная стоимость
250 000 — 350 000 USD
Jampel Gyatso with right hand raised holding the stem of a lotus flower supporting pustaka and khadja, the emblems of Manjushri, the left holding a golden dharmachakra wheel, wearing voluminous robes and the yellow cap of the Gelukpa order, seated on a cushion set on the Snow Lion Throne of office, a further cushion behind draped with white khatta, sumptuous textiles covering the back of the throne with a khakkhara resting against its yoke-back dragon finial, tables on either side supporting stacks of bound sutra to the left and a red and blue pitaka basket to the right, two monks below holding a Meru mandala and a vessel standing either side of a dais supporting an astamangala offering, and before an altar table set with a large blue patra containing bilva fruit, a lidded kapala, vajra, ghanta, damaru, kalasha, chisal, stem cup and stand, auspicious emblems and an incense burner, an Indian yogi bearing a golden kalasha and leading a white elephant below, together with musicians, Four Guardians of the Directions and deities offering auspicious emblems, with groups of officials, monks and devotees surrounding the Lion Throne, the Potala Palace to the left with apsaras in clouds above, and the Dalai Lama’s birthplace to the right connected by a gold line to his spiritual progenitor Sadaksari Avalokitesvara above, Shakyamuni Buddha at the top flanked by the Third Panchen Lama Lopsang Palden Yeshe to the left and the Dalai Lama’s teacher Yeshe Gyaltsen to the right, all set in a flower-filled mountainous landscape with the sun and moon in clouded skies above, and framed in borders of silk brocade
Himalayan Art Resources item no. 18347.

34 5/8 by 24 in. (88 by 61 cm)
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