Alfred Eisenstaedt

Лот 82 −
Premier at La Scala, Milan, Italy

Оценочная стоимость
40 000 — 60 000 USD
Silver print, the image measuring 11 5/8x9 1/4 inches (29.5x23.5 cm.), the sheet slightly larger, with a Pix Publishing copyright and another hand stamp on verso. Circa 1933
Notes: A vintage and apparently unique print that dates from the earliest period of Eisenstaedt''s career, when he was associated with the PIX Picture Agency, 1929-35.

In 1935 Eisenstaedt emigrated to New York City and the following year was hired by Henry Luce, who founded LIFE Magazine. He was known for his skilled use of the 35-millimeter camera in photojournalism and was also among the earliest devotees of available-light photography. The remarkable details rendered in this composition reveal a photographer with a humanist''s eye, a professional''s attention to light, and a sophisticated sense of composition.
Eisenstaedt was associated with LIFE for four decades and was active as a photojournalist into his eighties. In 1988, he was honored with ICP''s Infinity Master of Photography Award.

In 1944, the photographer''s 15th anniversary as a picture journalist was commemorated by LIFE in a multi-page photo essay, in which a full page was devoted to this image. The article noted that "[t]his interior is an example of one of the most difficult, yet perfectly executed, types of small camera work."

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