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Dinosaur Skull

Оценочная стоимость
200 000 — 300 000 USD
Late Cretaceous
Hell Creek Formation
Harding County, South Dakota, USA

The unique dinosaur being offered here is an unidentified Ceratopsian, which is remarkably different than all other known specimens, including Triceratops - both T. horridus and T. prosus. The major differences between this "Harding County Ceratopsian" and all other described Ceratopsians include: the extremely large and narrow nasal (nose) horn, the relatively short brow horns and a relatively small frill (shield) in relationship to the size of the rest of the skull. This essentially "half" skull represents the most complete known specimen of its kind from the Late Cretaceous of the Hell Creek Formation in North America. The skull measures 88 inches (223.5 cm), in length, from the tip of the beak to the back of the squamosal. As discussed above, this example demonstrates major differences in the nasal horn and fill relative to other dinosaurs of its variety. The "Harding County Ceratopsian" was collected in the summer of 2012 and was prepared by renowned paleontologist Neal Larson who is well-known for having helped collect and then prepare the two most complete and famous T-rex specimens in the world: SUE and STAN. There were an estimated 1,200 hours that went into the original preparation and then mounting of this incredible skull. Restoration consisted of a few small spots on the frill and face, a seam below the left brow horn, some work on the rostrum below the nasal horn and beak, a portion of the maxilla holding the teeth and all of the lower jaw with the exception of the predentary. The teeth in both the upper and lower jaw are casts or composited. This impressive display piece is both a wall mount and comes with a custom armature. A new custom metal armature was commissioned in order to present the specimen in the most favorable way. The differences in this Ceratopsian to all other known specimens of other Late Cretaceous Ceratopsians should facilitate the naming of a both a new genus and a new species according to the experts involved. This is a truly unique opportunity to acquire a top quality dinosaur skull that could represent a new type.
Overall Measurements: 88.00 x 48.00 x 77.50 inches (223.52 x 121.92 x 196.85 cm)
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