Лот 214 −
1972 MV Agusta 750 S ex-Arturo Merzario

Оценочная стоимость
100 000 — 150 000 EUR
Frame No: 214 0232
Engine No: 214 0172
Registro MV: 373

The MV 750 S was designed to meet the demands of the brand's distributors for a machine able to stand up to the 750cc, the new standard for high-end riders. Modelled on the 600cc introduced at the Milan Show in 1965, the MV 750 S kept the cardan transmission shaft, most probably because Count Agusta did not want this machine to be used in competition but instead, saw it as an elegant GT (if it is more robust, the chainless transmission "consumes" more power than a chain and is also at a disadvantage in terms of its weight). Its dual shaft four-cylinder engine, modelled on the Grand Prix 500 engine and powered by four "small" 24 mm Dell'Orto carburettors, with an air intake system made up of aluminium cones, produces 69 hp at 7,900 rpm. Unfortunately, this remarkable machine crowned with victory and mystery in equal measure, soon found itself face-to-face with the Honda CB 750, the Japanese example that revolutionised the world of motorcycling. The less efficient and more costly MV Agusta 750 S consequently experienced a low success level. Today, it got its revenge as it is no longer competing with its rivals when it comes to performance. Its timeless beauty (the 750 S was one of the machines chosen for "The Art of the Motorcycle" exhibition organised by the Guggenheim Museum in 1998), sculptural engine, rarity and pedigree make it a must-have for seasoned collectors.
This model dating back to 1972 was beautifully restored and has only 23,219 km on the clock. Interestingly, it also belonged to a famous Italian rider named Arturio Merzario. That year, Arturo Merzario rode an official Ferrari 312 PB in the World Prototype Championship. His high ratings offered him the opportunity to compete in the Formula One GP in Great Britain, driving a 312B. Arturio Merzario is also one of the four drivers who saved Niki Lauda's life during the latter's tragic accident at the Nürburgring in 1976.
During an interview while he was in Montlhéry in September 2018, Arturio Merzario confirmed that he had indeed exchanged this machine for a Range Rover V8! This 750 S, carefully signed, is delivered with a duplicate of its original Italian libretto in the name of the rider.
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