Лот 240 −
1975 MV Agusta 750 Prototype Injection

Оценочная стоимость
140 000 — 220 000 EUR
Frame No: Sybil 001
Engine No: 221 0142
Registro MV: 386

A boost in the performance soon pointed out the limits of the frame. With the help of engineer Ronny Scrima, Tommy Barber designed a perimeter frame to provide better triangulation. "Yamaha had just released its first motocross bikes featuring a unique shock absorber, we thought it could work just as well on a street bike!" The team had developed two CrMo 4340 steel chassis, the mono shock absorber of which was made based on an element taken from Yamaha (higher performance spring, modified piston and an increased nitrogen pressure). The front end followed the same principle with an air fork modelled on Citroën's suspension system.
The braking system consisted of aluminium brake discs made of scandium and lithium and coated with a ceramic layer. The motorbike had to be unique, both in terms of performance and aesthetics. He drew lines that Nye Frank eventually brought to life from aluminum aircraft panels. This true artist had remarkably designed Craig Breedlove's famous "streamliners" which set absolute speed records in Bonneville. The result was stunning lines with a dashboard consisting of tailor-made aircraft manometers stamped with the MV logo. With an injection configuration, still in the 750cc class with the same internal technical specifications as the Turbo, this Sybil 001 prototype generated nearly 90 hp.
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