Лот 239 −
1975 MV Agusta 750 Prototype Turbo

Оценочная стоимость
140 000 — 220 000 EUR
Frame No: Sybil 002
Engine No: 221 0141
Registro MV: 385

This Turbo model is highly sophisticated. It was equipped with a specific turbocharger with two turbines, one for low rpm and the other for high rpm. The bloc of the MV was pretty well-designed, but it had to be done all over again, starting with overheated cylinders. Tommy made a cylinder block with the best alloy available by increasing the displacement to 830 cm3 (inline feature with four separate cylinders), the oil sump was enlarged and the oil pump fitted for the turbo system was developed. Issues pertaining to the overheated cylinder head were solved by means of plasma coating, a technique used on rockets to dissipate heat. The pistons benefited from the same treatment, as did the sodium exhaust valves (intake valves were made of titanium). The tailor-made connecting rods were made of titanium. The original clutch had given way to a tailor-made element for which the discs were also coated with plasma!
"Equipped with a lightweight connecting rod, titanium rods, lightweight pistons and, above all, the original MV distribution layout, it was set at 10,000 rpm. The compression ratio was 12.5 to 1, the maximum limit possible. But back then, we had leaded gasoline with 105 degrees of octane…" said the Baron. "Mechanical injection and electronic ignition had a big potential which was at the time new to us. The MV Turbo produced about 150 hp and could go up to 300km/h at 2,500 rpm".
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