Лот 260 −
1974 MV Agusta 500 4C Corsa Replica

Оценочная стоимость
80 000 — 120 000 EUR
Frame No: 04/75
MV Registro : 543

MV found itself on a quest to boost the performance of its machines in order to stand up to two-stroke motorbikes in the 500cc class. One simple way to achieve this is to give up the three-cylinder for the four-cylinder, which in turn makes it possible to reduce the weight of moving parts and increase the engine speed while gaining in horsepower.
MV kept improving this 500/4 in order not to fall behind the official Yamaha and Suzuki teams. The MV4 produced 98 hp at 14,000 rpm at its very best, and weighed 120kg. In 1973, Phil Read claimed the " Riders" world champion title while MV Agusta was crowned "Constructors" world champion with this machine. In 1974, the Englishman repeated his feat and earned his last World Champion title. Gianfranco Bonera (MV Agusta) was in the lead, followed by the two Yamaha riders Teuvo Länsivuori and Giacomo Agostini. The latter had walked away from MV at the end of the 73 season!
This beautiful motorbike is equipped with a non-functional engine without moving parts. Like the 500 Tre Cilindri featured in the collection, this replica was manufactured by a former factory technician around the 2010 years. The know-how that brought to life this machine is impressive and it's hard not to be enthralled by this striking creation.
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