Лот 257 −
1967 MV Agusta 500 3C Corsa Replica

Оценочная стоимость
70 000 — 100 000 EUR
Frame No: 08
Engine No: 8
Registro MV: 444

First introduced in 1965 in Imola, the MV3 symbolises the brand's golden age in the Premier Class. Giacomo Agostini and this machine will brazenly reign over the world stage until 1973. The 500 three-cylinder has evolved in a consistent and subtle manner. At first, its engine consisted of a simple 350cc with the bore increased to obtain a 377cc version. It was followed by a 420cc version and then a 497.9cc one that produced about 78 hp at 12,000 rpm. The MV Agusta 500 featured a removable double cradle frame, a fork and Ceriani shock absorbers, and the braking system consisted of 4-cam drum brakes manufactured by MV or Ceriani. Unrivalled, Giacomo Agostini was on a winning streak, crowned with victories and titles from 1968 to 1971 on this MV3.
Equipped with a non-functional engine without moving parts, this magnificent replica was manufactured by a former factory technician some 20 years ago, partly with spare parts. In perfect condition, it is listed in the MV Agusta historical register which attests to its beautiful nature. The eye for detail, high quality of parts used and the know-how necessary to restore this legendary machine all contributed in making it an exceptional show motorbike whose beauty never ceases to amaze.
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